Concentration Area


The Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) is the concentration area of PPGC. ICM can be defined as a dynamic and continuous process by which decisions are made looking to sustainable use and protection of coastal and marine areas and their resources. Its goals are to achieve the sustainable development of coastal and marine spaces, reduce the vulnerability of coastal regions and their inhabitants to natural hazards and mantain the essential ecological processes, the support systems to life and the biodiversity in coastal and marine zones. Sharply multidisciplinary, ICM has as main activities:


I - territorial planning;

II - promotion of sustainable economic development;

III - conservation of coastal environmental resources;

IV - resolution of conflicts about the use of resources;

V - protection of public safety in relation to environmental resources; and

VI - ensure access to water and coastal and marine submerged land.


From an operational point of view, ICM can be seen as an ongoing process that integrates the activities of environmental characterization, environmental diagnosis, use planning and environmental management based on pre-established public policies.